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Column Dumper

Stainless Steel Dumpers

Available Lifting Capacities -- 400 Pound - 2000 Pound

Designed for Floor Level Loading

Quick-Adjustable Discharge Height

Primary Voltage -- 208/230/460/575 volts

Control Voltage -- 120 volts

All Stainless Steel Exterior

3/16 Inch Thick Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Column

Complete with all Electrical Controls

Easy Access to all Interior Components

Positive Chain Lift with Safety Brake

Variable Discharge Angle up to 45 Degrees

2, 3 or 5 HP Gearmotors Available with Electrical Brake

USDA/FDA/Dairy Standard Accepted

Right and Left Hand Models Available


Column Dumper Shown with Enclosed Safety Cage


Open Bottom Door and Roll V-Mag Cart into Carriage

Close Door and Use Controls for Operation

Safety Cages Fabricated to meet your Plant's Requirements

This Allows Extra Protection Where Safety is a Concern

All Stainless Steel Exterior

Portable Column Dumper with V-mag in Dump Position

All Stainless Steel Construction

Ideal for Applications that Require Moving Dumper                    to Various Locations within Your Plant

Cost Effective if you have Limited Space or Resources

Portable Dolly Features:

Heavy-Duty Tubular Construction                               

Easy Mobility Attained by 4 Swivel Casters                             

2 Waist High Handles                                                

Strategically Located Floor Locks

Tough Robust Stainless Steel Dumpers to Meet All Your Material Handling Equipment  or Food Processing Needs

600 lb Column Dumper shown with Barrel Carriage

This Carriage can be Modified to Fit your Container

Available Options for all Column Dumpers:

Portable Dolly

Hinged Access Door with Latch

Stainless Steel Lift Assembly

Stainless Steel Column Shaft

Water Proof Chain

Splash Curtain

Extra (Safety) Proximity Switch at Dump End of Cycle

Column Dumper shown with Bowl Carriage

Carriages Designed for your Various Bowls Sizes

Dumper shown has optional Splash Curtain

This Unit can be Stationary or Portable                               (Portable Dolly required for Portable Units)


Dumpers Accessories: 

Discharge Chutes

Receiving Hoppers

Specially Designed Carriages to Handle your Containers & Drums




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